Your child’s smile grows right along with them, and the future alignment of their smiles depends on the positions of their primary teeth. Phase One treatment is ideal for patients age six to ten to ensure proper alignment.  At our office we offer Invisalign® First clear aligners which may be solution for your child. These aligners are excellent for achieving predictable Phase One results.

Invisalign First can address a wide spectrum of alignment issues including simple and complex problems. The aligners can help correct narrow dental arches, tooth crowding and spacing issues. Unlike braces the aligners are easy to remove so your child can continue to brush and floss their teeth as needed and continue to develop good dental habits. The aligners are light and smooth making them very easy to wear. Your child will not have to deal with the discomfort associated with brackets or wires.

We suggest bringing your child in for their first orthodontic screening with Dr. Patras at age seven. But if you have concerns about their alignment  and would like to schedule an appointment for Invisalign First in Sparta, New Jersey, for your child, call Anna Patras Orthodontics today at 973-729-5900. We will be happy to help you plan your child’s visit.

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