Dr. Anna Patras offers virtual consultations to help you get all the information you need about straightening your teeth. Our free online consultation is an easy and convenient way to begin your treatment process, giving you a full understanding of your treatment options without leaving the comfort of your home. Simply follow the instructions below to receive your complimentary virtual consultation!

We must have a copy of your medical history prior to your appointment. You can fill out our medical history form here.

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Let Anna Patras get a good look at your smile; submit snapshots of your teeth below:

Have a friend take a picture of your teeth while you are sitting down to get the best image. Please submit photos of both your left and right bites as well as the front of your teeth while smiling. If you have any questions about how to complete your virtual consultation, call us at 973-729-5900 and speak with a member of our orthodontic office in Anna Patras.

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Bite down and relax your mouth


Stretch your cheeks and bite down naturally.

Upper Arch

Tilt your head back and take a picture of your upper arch.

Lower Arch

Tilt your chin down and take a picture of your lower arch

Right Bite

Bite naturally capturing your molars.

Left Bite

Bit naturally capturing your molars.