At Anna Patras Orthodontics, we provide many different ways to improve your smile. Not only do we focus on the look of your smile, but how it effects your oral health and the health of your body. There are many dental and oral problems that cause issues with your entire body — such as sleep apnea and TMJ and TMD disorders. However, with Dr. Anna Patras, there are many ways to treat these problems.

The DNA™ appliance can treat poorly developed dental aches that can cause a number of different issues. These can be anything from crowded teeth and an altered facial structure, to interrupted breathing while asleep and nightly teeth grinding. However, when patients plan treatment with orthodontics and a DNA appliance in Sparta, New Jersey, our orthodontist can treat the source of these problems.

The best way to address severe sleep apnea, misalignment or TMJ (teeth grinding) is to create more room in the mouth. The DNA appliance can do this by slowly expanding the upper jaw. However, traditional orthodontics and braces can move teeth and improve alignment just as well. If you are interested in seeking treatment with a DNA appliance, meet with our orthodontist to discuss alternative options for orthodontic treatment. You can give us a call at 973-729-5900!