Dr. Anna Patras provides ALF (Advanced Light Force) appliances to help straighten your smile and give you a more effective orthodontic treatment. These innovative appliances provide a precise and proactive approach to orthodontic treatment, allowing our orthodontist and team to provide you with care tailored to your exact needs. We invite you to call Anna Patras Orthodontics at 973-729-5900 to schedule your consultation and learn more about ALF appliances in Sparta, New Jersey.

ALF appliances are a type of orthodontic treatment oriented to address the underlying causes of crooked teeth, such as low tongue posture, restricted airways, mouth breathing, and stress and tension in the head and neck area. It is a preventive approach to improving your oral health and smile. Using light, flexible wires that are custom-designed in a lab to fit your mouth perfectly, ALF appliances help to develop the upper jaw and the midface forward so that you can avoid the need to extract permanent teeth during your treatment process.

When you receive an ALF appliance, our orthodontist will take scans of your mouth using our advanced imaging technology. These scans will be sent to an ALF lab where they will be created to fit your mouth precisely and provide an effective treatment.

Benefits of ALF treatment include:

  • A beautiful smile
  • A well-developed face
  • Minimized risk of TMJ problems
  • Improved airway health

Anyone can benefit from ALF appliances, including:

  • Children who are still growing and developing
  • Children with crossbites
  • Individuals with buck teeth and underbites
  • Anyone who wants to improve their tooth alignment
  • People who has received orthodontic treatment that included headgear and tooth extractions
  • People with TMJ problems
  • Individual who breathe through their mouth

Contact our office today to schedule your appointment with our orthodontist and learn more about how an ALF appliance can benefit you. We look forward to helping you care for your smile!